Dealing With Dog Separation Anxiety: How to Put Your Mind at Ease When Leaving Your Pooch in a Boarding Kennel

Being separated from your dog for longer than a day can be a stressful experience for both parties. This is especially true if you are enjoying sun, sea and sand while your pooch is back home, alone and in a strange environment. A recent survey found that 38 percent of pet owners feel guilty about leaving their pet behind while they gallivant abroad. In fact, the guilt is often so strong that a third of pet owners now take their pets with them on holiday. But what happens when you have no choice? It's not like you can take your dog on that two-week business trip.

You needn't worry. Boarding kennels are forever adapting to the needs of pet owners and their pets. In the US and Canada, 30 million pet owners use boarding kennels for their pets while they are away on vacation. However, if you still feel anxious about leaving your dog behind, try these methods to help put your mind at ease. 

Provide Toys or Items with Your Scent

While this is commonly recommended, it cannot be stated enough. Your scent alone can act as a calming influence during your dog's stay. 

Confide in Them About Your Concerns

If you have any concerns at all, tell the boarding kennel staff. Experienced and professional staff will know how to calm a nervous dog, or deal with behavioural issues in a gentle and professional manner. It helps if they know beforehand, and it will reassure you to hear them explain how they plan to act. 

Tell Them Your Dog's Likes, Dislikes Etc

A professional boarding kennel should ask you for details like allergies and medical conditions, but ideally they should also know your dog's likes and dislikes to avoid any unnecessary occurrences.

Request a Daily Email Update

Boarding kennels are adapting, and this means they should be able to send you email updates daily to help put your mind at rest. 

Ask a Friend to Look in on Your Dog

Ask a friend that knows your dog to drop in once a day if they can. Your dog will appreciate the familiar face. 

Don't Make a Fuss When Leaving Your Dog

When leaving your dog, don't make a fuss. This will only stress them out. Give them a pat and a stroke and be on your way. It'll be better for you both!

Spoil Your Dog Rotten With Extra Treats

Boarding kennels often offer extras. If you can afford it, pay for an extra walk or two, and throw in a few treats and toys too. A busy dog will mope far less than an inactive one. 

Evaluate, Evaluate, Evaluate!

This goes without saying. Don't simply rely on online reviews. Visit the kennels, talk to the staff, and ask them a thousand questions until you are sure you can trust them with your dog. Only then can you leave knowing you have done all you can.

It is hard dealing with the separation, but don't feel too guilty. This study suggests that dogs find a trip to the kennels exciting, in a good way. If you don't think there is any way you can get out of that upcoming business trip, don't worry, do your research and find boarding kennels for your pooch so you can both relax until you are reunited