How to Ensure That Your Anxious Dog Will Enjoy Their Stay at a Boarding Facility

Has your dog ever stayed at a boarding facility? This can be a concern if your dog is prone to separation anxiety, and perhaps in the past you've arranged for someone to stay at your home and look after your beloved pooch. This is not always possible, and sometimes you will need to board your dog regardless of their levels of anxiety. Not to worry, since there are a few things you can do to ensure that any separation anxiety is kept to an absolute minimum.

Inspect the Facilities

This might sound like an obvious one, but you need to check exactly where your dog will be staying. Separation anxiety might cause your dog to become withdrawn, so it can be important that they are housed with dogs of a similar size and temperament. This will offer natural, non-confrontational stimulation. You should also talk to the staff at the dog boarding facility and inform them that your dog might become anxious while in their care. Are they able to give your dog a little bit extra attention in order to compensate?

Preparing Your Dog

Does your dog spend a fair amount of time at home by themselves? If not, it's time to prepare them for your absence. Leave your dog alone, whether inside your home or in your backyard, starting with a fairly short period of time. If you need to run errands, perhaps your entire family can join you so that your dog gets used to being alone. Start leaving your dog alone for longer periods of time, such as an entire day. If you're concerned about your dog's anxiety at this point, some new toys might be helpful. This will stimulate your dog, allowing him to play with new objects in a familiar setting.

At the Dog Boarding Facility

It's sometimes best to not make a big deal of dropping your dog off. If the whole family comes along for an emotional goodbye that is out of the ordinary, then your dog might suspect that something is up. Calmly drop your dog off with a selection of items that will make him feel at home. You might wish to bring his bedding and a few toys. Familiar toys are more appropriate in this instance. You can even go a little bit further if you feel that your dog will become particularly anxious. Wear an old shirt the day before you drop your dog off and then don't wash it. Leave this with your dog so that even though you won't be there, your scent will be.

So while your dog might be able to deal with their separation anxiety, perhaps the same can't be said for you! Sure, you're going to miss your beloved pooch, but it's great to know that they will be happy and safe while you enjoy your time away.