Boarding Your Cat? Here is What You Should Know

If you have a cat, there may come a time when you need to board it due to you leaving on a business trip or going on an extended vacation. Before you choose this option over having someone care for the cat in your own home, you should consider the following facts about cat boarding facilities.

Some Boarding Facilities Offer Large Play Areas

When you bring your cat to a boarding facility, you don't want it to be constricted to a single kennel where all it has is a bed, food and water bowl, and a toy or two. It should have more space for getting exercise and playing with the other cats. Look for a boarding facility that has play areas just for the cats. This should be a large room where the cats are free to roam around, playing on their own with toys, or with the other cats. There should be scratching posts and various things to hide under or jump on top of. This can make a big difference in how enjoyable the boarding facility is for your cat during its stay.

They Should Have Strict Policies About Vaccinations

Another thing to know about boarding facilities is that in terms of their requirements, they might not be created equal. You want a facility that is very strict about what cats they will accept. They should preferably not accept those that have not been caught up on all their vaccinations. You don't want a cat to have an illness or disease that your cat might get and vice versa. You also don't want any animals in the facility that have not had their rabies shot. Ask the facility what their guidelines are for vaccinations and whether or not they verify that the cat is definitely caught up on them.

Look Into the Facility's Safety and Security Procedures

The safety and security of your cat is another thing that should be important to the facility, just as it is to you. If there is a play area for cats, make sure it is not the same area where dogs are, so there are no fights. Make sure it is not possible for a cat to be able to escape, such as with personnel having to go through two separate doors before getting into the area where the cars are. This keeps them from sneaking through one door and leaving the facility of their own free will. Also look into the security of the facility itself, ensuring they have security and surveillance, and always keep the doors locked. All areas that cats are allowed in the facility should be safe, clean and free from debris or harsh chemicals.